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Updated: Aug 3, 2018

The August Primaries Endorsement Issue

Volume 1, Issue 2 (August 2018)

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To win single payer healthcare, we must support politicians who support the movement for Single Payer Healthcare delivery.

To that end, M4SPH has vetted candidates interested in our endorsement, and has chosen to endorse those candidates meeting very specific criteria.

Among the several requirements for endorsement, candidates were asked to:

1) publicly commit to their support of single payer by making a short video explaining the reasoning for their support (see these videos on our front page) and

2) sign a pledge promising to support and champion single payer once elected. They agreed to allow these materials to be shared with the public.

We are proud to share information about M4SPH-endorsed candidates who openly, vociferously, and unabashedly support Single Payer in this August Primaries Endorsement Issue!


FOR GOVERNOR (Democratic Nomination)

Abdul El-Sayed, MD

Abdul El-Sayed, MD

FOR US CONGRESS (Democratic Nomination)

MI-6 (SW Michigan): David Benac, PhD

David Benac, PhD

MI-7 (Jackson-Dexter-Monroe): Steve Friday, MSW

Steve Friday, MSW

MI-8 (Ingham-Livingston-Oakland Counties): Chris Smith, PhD

Chris Smith, PhD

FOR MICHIGAN STATE SENATE (Democratic Nomination)

18th State Senate District (Washtenaw County): Michelle Deatrick

Michelle Deatrick


19th District (Livonia): LAURIE POHUTSKY

Laurie Pohutsky

53rd District (Ann Arbor): YOUSEF RABHI

Yousef Rabhi

55th District (North Ann Arbor, Pittsfield, Milan): SHAUNA MCNALLY,

Shauna McNally, MD

And Rebekah Warren, Current State Senator (MI-18)

65th District (East Jackson, Grass Lake): TERRI MCKINNON

Terri McKinnon

68th District (Lansing): KELLY COLLISON

Kelly Collison

77th District (East Grand Rapids): ROBERT VAN KIRK

Robert Van Kirk



First and foremost, support the above-listed M4SPH-endorsed candidates in any way you can! Do any (or all) of the following things to help them win at primaries:

  • Donate to a campaign or two, even if only a few dollars

  • Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper sharing why you support your candidate (could be for many reasons, but don't forget to stress their support of Single Payer)

  • Volunteer at campaign headquarters - to phone bank, stuff envelopes, answer phones

  • Volunteer to canvass door to door or at events

  • Volunteer to do data entry

  • Volunteer to deliver lawn signs

  • Show up at a rally with signs of support

  • Pick up some lawn signs for your family and friends

  • Buy a bumper sticker

  • Wear their buttons, t-shirts, or other gear

  • Talk with friends and family about voting for politicians who support Single Payer, and especially about voting for M4SPH-endorsed candidates who have met rigorous criteria for endorsement

Secondly, GET OUT TO VOTE and GET OUT THE VOTE!! These primaries and this upcoming midterm election could very well be the most important elections of our lives! Encourage everyone you know (and everyone you meet) during the time leading up to the primaries (and then, again, at mid-terms) to do their civic duty and VOTE!!

Thirdly, CONTACT YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES at both State and National levels to voice your support for Single Payer.

National Bills for Single Payer

1) Contact your US Congressperson and ask him or her to support bill HR 676*

2) Contact your two US Senators and ask each of them to support bill S 1804

Michigan Bill for Single Payer

1) Contact your state Representative to urge them to support the MiCare Bill written by State Rep. Yousef Rabhi. This bill should be introduced to the House on or around Aug. 15th.

For help in finding contact information for your elected representatives in the US Congress, click here

You can also find contact information for your US Senators here and your Congressperson here.

For help in finding contact information for your elected State Representatives, click here.

* If your US Congressperson is a Democrat, you can probably thank them for supporting HR 676. If they are Republican, it is especially important that you ask them to support HR 676.


General Membership and Informational Meeting (All are Welcome!)

Saturday August 11th. 12 - 2 p.m.

Journey of Faith Christian Church

1900 Manchester Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Learn more, as we answer these questions:

  • What is Single Payer aka “Medicare for All”?

  • How Will SIngle Payer Benefit Me and Others?

  • How Can I Help Contribute to the Movement for Single Payer?

General Membership Meeting Kalamazoo (All Are Welcome!)

Tentatively scheduled for August 22 or 23 - date to be announced;

stay tuned and check back here


  • Read this lovely short essay, and think about applying the attitudes and approaches espoused here as you take the message about Single Payer out into a sometimes hostile world!