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Public Events

Public Events can be as simple as a film screening or as elaborate as a march on the capital. Here are a few ideas of public events that we have already done and that we are planning for the future:

1. Discussion Groups

Many people have heard of single payer, but don't know that much about it.  Discussing it with them in a small group, in a home or in a coffee shop, and answering their questions is more meaningful in a small group. You could do this with your friends, invite others through signs or canvasses or some mix of the two. Just make sure to keep an attendance list and send us any new contacts you make so that we can stay in touch. Feel free to use the resources on the website to help give structure and provide facts for your group.

2. Film Screenings

The film Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point is an excellent documentary on the need for single payer.  Only an hour long, it can be streamed for free.  The website has a ton of useful resources as well.

3. Town Halls

In a town hall, you invite members of the general public, and usually invite a panel of speakers who can inform attendees about single payer.  It is good to always have people preselected who will tell personal stories that highlight our broken healthcare system.  Always allow time for attendees to tell their own stories as well!  As an added bonus, invite government officials, candidates, or other decision makers who will listen and learn along with their constituents and voters.  Watch our single payer town hall in Ann Arbor from November, 2017.

4. Rallies

In 2017, we organized a rally at the state capital. More events are in the planning stages. However, you can always organize a rally on your own as well. 

Remember: Always get contact information from anyone you engage!  To be successful, we don't just educate--we want to expand our contact list, also known as our "base" to be used in advocating and agitating! The more people we have, the more power we have!

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