Michigan for Single Payer Healthcare is fighting for Single Payer Universal Healthcare, both on the national and the state level.  We are a 501(c)(4) organization. We have activists and supporters across Michigan. Sign up here to get connected!


We educate, advocate and agitate for Single Payer Healthcare. This includes canvassing, holding town halls, film screenings, lobbying elected officials, and holding rallies and actions. 


Eli Rubin, President

Becky Baldwin, RN, Michigan Nurses Association

Susan Fabrick, MD, PNHP (Physicians for a National Health Plan)

Bill Farmer, Southwest Michigan DSA

Ayman Khafagi, MD, Michigan for Revolution and Progressive Caucus, MI Democratic Party

Margie Mitchell, MICHUHCAN (Michigan Universal Healthcare Action Network)

John Ross, MD, SPAN (Single Payer Action Network) Ohio


Michigan United. Michigan United is a social justice organization that works to protect immigrant rights, end mass incarceration, and fights for environmental justice, justice for caregivers and healthcare justice.  

Michigan People's Campaign. MPC is the 501c4 sister organization to Michigan United, and advocates for social justice in the electoral and political process and in government!

Michigan Nurses Association. The Michigan Nurses Association (MNA) is the largest, most effective union for registered nurses in Michigan. Through collective bargaining, nurses are involved at every table where decisions are made that concern their practice. As the voice for all registered nurses in Michigan, MNA advocates for nurses and their patients at the State Capitol, in the community, and at the bargaining table.

MICHUHCAN. Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network (MICHUHCAN) is a state-wide network that promotes comprehensive health care for all and improved health outcomes by addressing the social determinants of health through education, strategy development and advocacy.

Michigan for Revolution. We are inspired by Bernie Sanders’ vision of affordable universal healthcare, free public education through college, and an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and powerful.We are growing local grassroots organizations across the state and across the country. We are taking back political power for the people, from local politics to Washington DC. 

Our Revolution. Our Revolution Michigan was established by former Bernie staffers and grassroots organizers. We warmly welcome former supporters of other presidential candidates. We are dedicated to partnering and working collaboratively with other progressive organizations, and we ascribe to the platform and positions of the national Our Revolution organization. 

Physicians for a National Healthplan. Physicians for a National Health Program is a non-profit research and education organization of 20,000 physicians, medical students and health professionals who support single-payer national health insurance.

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