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Updated: Sep 18, 2018

The "Educate" Issue

Volume 1, Issue 3 (September 2018)

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To win universal Single Payer healthcare, we must actively engage in

Educating, Advocating, and Agitating!

This Month, we Educate!

There is a role for each one of us in this effort, and it will take all of us acting together to abolish and replace an unfairly rigged healthcare delivery system dominated by the profit-driven motives of insurance companies.

A single payer healthcare delivery system in Michigan - or the U.S. - won’t be possible unless conscientious citizens get involved and participate in advocating for it. So please, visit our website, our Facebook and social media pages, share our links, blogs, and newsletters, download or print the information meant for learning and sharing, and talk with family, friends, and neighbors about your enthusiasm for achieving single payer healthcare in Michigan and across the U.S.!

We need YOUR participation (and donations count as participation!), suggestions, input, and enthusiasm! We need to build a large, effective grassroots movement across the state to achieve the dream of universal single payer healthcare.


We have MANY upcoming meetings, canvasses, and other events in September!

See blog post, here

Canvassing in Kazoo 09 10 18 - Eli, Bill, Angel


August was a big month for the M4SPH movement! Our last big event in August was a fundraiser following tabling and canvassing at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention. You can read about the past month’s activities here and watch a video from our fundraiser here:

In this month of September (the traditional back-to-school month), let’s concentrate on EDUCATING ourselves and others about the multiplicity of complicated issues surrounding healthcare delivery in the U.S. - keeping the focus on pushing for and winning universal single payer healthcare!

What makes learning and educating about universal single payer so complicated? It’s a highly complex subject, for one. Secondly, we have been "vaccinated" against thinking about the possibility of healthcare delivery as anything but a profit-driven endeavor. We need to unlearn the arguments health insurance companies and politicians have used to lull us into a sense of complacency and acceptance. And we need to learn to think through their propaganda and research their hidden interests. Finally, we need to solidly frame our arguments about single payer based on the moral truth that health and healthcare are human rights - not commodities. We need to believe, and convince others that neither our healthcare nor our health outcomes are meant to be manipulated and traded on for profit or gain. Finally, we need to learn arguments that help the nay-saying citizens among us see the benefits of a single payer system. To start on this journey of learning and educating, read the M4SPH FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and hard-hitting answers about Single Payer here:

For more answers to FAQs about Single Payer, go here and here

(printable Frequently Asked Questions About Medicare for All)

For Talking Points, Flyers, a Power Point about Single Payer, a Letter of Support sample and a number of other good Resources, go here

What is Medicare for All? Short read here

Benefits of Medicare for All (general). Short read here

Benefits of Bernie Sanders’ Plan here

Read about S 1802, straight from Sen. Sanders

Read about HR 676 Bill here

Learn about the Michigan Mi Care Bill (HB 6285) in a summary here:

Learn talking points to share with conservatives about the benefits of Single Payer!

The Seven Conservative Values of a Single Payer System

Learn about the seven very logical reasons why profit-driven insurance companies will always fail to meet our health care needs

Seven Reasons Commercial Insurance Cannot Meet Our Health Care Needs

Learn from a Simple Guide for Responding to “Single Payer is a Job Killer” and “Millions of Displaced (Insurance) Workers Won’t Find Employment.” Use points from this "Legislative Pushback Guide" when lawmakers use "Jobs Killer" excuse!

LEARN MORE about How to Educate and Fight for Single Payer in these Excellent Courses:

Healthcare-Now Single Payer School (Courses)

Health Over Profit Tools for Education (Short Reads, by Topic)

Poor People’s Campaign Health Action Toolkit

Although the initial 5 pages refer to events that took place this past June, the rest of the toolkit is filled with great information and ideas!

Resistance School

for excellent course offerings in how to develop “Practical Skills to Reclaim, Rebuild, and Re-imagine America”

For a course in Canvassing from Resistance School:

Learn about Framing and Messaging in Messaging This Moment Handbook from Resistance School Berkeley

Popular Resistance School: How Social Transformation Occurs Course.

Outstanding Class on Social Transformation and Movements. Class Three (Stages of Social Movements) in the How Social Transformation Occurs program provides theory and insights that we can apply to where we are at (and what we can do to move forward) in the movement for Single Payer or any other movement.

Educate Other Voters and Our Elected Officials

• This month, make a point of sharing with at least 4 other people the following three things about the movement for Single Payer: 1) Michigan for Single Payer Healthcare ( represents the grassroots movement in Michigan 2) we are pushing for the universal single payer healthcare bill known as Mi Care or HB 6285 in the Michigan Legislature 3) Michigan citizens should contact their state representatives to ask them to support the Mi Care Bill.

You can also:

• Support those 70 Congresswomen and men who are a part of the Medicare for All Caucus in the US House of Representatives, as well as the 122 who have co-sponsored HR 676.

• Inform Senators Stabenow and Peters that you will stand for nothing less than Universal Single Payer Healthcare, and let them know that S 1804 (Medicare for All) is something you hope they will endorse.

• Talk with those local candidates you support about the importance of Single Payer - especially if they do not have a position statement on Single Payer. Ask them to make a statement supporting Single Payer if they have not yet done so.

When you are asked if you could give money, phone bank, or canvass for a candidate, ask if the candidate supports MI Care/HB 6285, HR 676, or S 1804. Even if you intend to provide assistance to their electoral campaign, ASK them to support Single Payer, and make an assertive statement that you are a supporter of Single Payer and belong to the growing grass roots movement called Michigan for Single Payer Healthcare.


Recommended Articles

Medicare for All Article Series, Fighting for Our Lives: The Movement for Medicare for All

Recommended Books

Learn how to think about, frame, and message our morals, values, and vision for universal Single Payer when confronted by opposition, with assistance from these books:

Thinking Points: Communicating Our American Values and Vision.

George Lakoff. 2006.

The Little Blue Book: The Essential Guide to Thinking and Talking Democratic. George Lakoff and Elizabeth Wehling. 2012.


How to Make National Improved Medicare for All Inevitable (Podcast)

with Margaret Flowers, MD and Kevin Zeese, JD (Co-directors of Popular Resistance)

and Dr. Carol Paris, outgoing president of Physicians for a National Healthcare Plan.

This is an excellent, very informative podcast that starts with informational updates about other social movements. You can join the discussion about Medicare for All, specifically, at about the 13 minute mark.

Dr. Flowers states that opponents organize to weaken growing movements in the final stages before victory (this is described in the sixth class of the online course How Social Transformation Occurs), and we have seen how this has been happening over the past couple of months (see blog posts here and here). The podcasters feel that “National Improved Medicare for All is at very advanced stage” given trends they are seeing. Dr. Paris notes near the end of the podcast “We’re in the phase of making national consensus. We’re making great progress toward it.” She also advises those interested in advancing Single Payer to tell the legislators they contact: “I’m organizing in your district and I’m not going away.”


Single Payer is Actually A Huge Bargain. Steffie Woolhander, David U. Himmelstein, and Adam Gaffney

Good News about Upcoming Midterms:

From an email newsletter received from Ben and Stephanie, staffers on September 4, 2018:

“According to pollsters at FiveThirtyEight, Democrats have a 70% chance of taking back the House this November. If they do, the implications for the single payer movement are potentially huge.” They note that 65% of House Dems are currently co-sponsoring HR 676, and according to the email, we need get the last 74 Dem Reps onboard. They continue: “We're expecting to pick up a number of new H.R. 676 cosponsors just with the elections - and if the House flips, the number of cosponsoring Democrats could reach over 70%. The last few holdouts will find it harder and harder to justify their opposition....”


Conservatives on Facebook are Spreading A False “Quote” About Medicare for All

Media portray these tales of perseverance as uplifting and inspirational. They're actually horror stories. By Parker Molloy.

Tales of Americans “bootstrapping” and “crowd-funding” themselves "out of" severe illness and poverty are being milked by corporate media to “inspire” the rest of us. "Bootstrapping" as an ideal appeals to the conservative mindset, and examples of "bootstrapping" are often used as lessons in pursuing what is seen as the moral good of isolated individual effort - effort, which, if pure and right enough, always results in just economic rewards.

In a double whammy of conservative thought, the archetype of a bootstrapping "Every wo/man as Hero" is used to help conservative thinkers feel good about both individual perseverance AND individual charitable efforts on behalf of others. It's easy to buy into that, even for a liberal thinker, when everyone understands and admires the stories of perseverance leading to the "return" in triumph at the end of the typical "hero's tale." With stories like those shared in Parker Molloy's article, it's almost easy to forget about the fact that we already have a social contract which provides support from the collective for those in need. According to that social contract, we pay the government taxes, and the government addresses collective needs and the common good. Support comes in the form of social services paid for by our tax dollars and is administered (or should be) through the auspices of good government, i.e. a government that understands and honors the nature of the social contract and does not attempt to "re-purpose" our tax dollars for the benefit of private individuals or for-profit corporations. While the efforts by individuals to offer succor and assistance to those in need appeal to our innermost aspirations to believe in the goodness in human nature, we must ask ourselves: who really benefits from this t