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Supporters of Single Payer Rally 'Round Abdul and Alexandria!

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Drawing large and exuberant crowds, M4SPH-endorsed Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Abdul El Sayed here conducted rallies this past weekend across southern Michigan with US Congressional Candidate (D-NY 14) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Nine members of Michigan for Single Payer Healthcare canvassed and tabled the rallies in Grand Rapids, Flint, Detroit, and Ypsilanti, while meeting hundreds of excited rally attendees supporting Abdul for Governor and Single Payer.

On Saturday 7/28, Bill and Susan Fisher (M4SPH members from Kalamazoo) filled contact sheets with over 120 signatures at the Grand Rapids event while canvassing. Bill reported that they could have gathered hundreds more signatures had more M4SPH members been available to help!

Al DuBruck, Laurie Williams, Crystal Pepperdine, and Sam Copi passed literature and tabled at the event in Flint. While there Laurie spoke with M4SPH-endorsed Democratic Candidate for US Congress (MI CD 8) Chris Smith, Ph.D. here.

M4SPH-endorsed candidate Chris Smith with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Sam, Laurie, and Al then drove to Detroit to meet with Eli Rubin to table and canvass at the large rally (click for video of Dr. Abdul El-Sayed addressing crowd) held at the campus of Wayne State University.

On Sunday 7/29, Eli Rubin, Lauren Sargent, Sue Hadden, Hilary Robinson, Laurie Williams, and Al DuBruck canvassed and tabled the much-larger-than-expected crowd (estimated at well over 500) at the Ypsilanti rally.

Supporters filled the sanctuary to capacity. Abdul & Alexandria addressed outdoor overflow crowd as well..

Sighted in attendance were U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (MI CD 12), co-founder of the Medicare for All Congressional Caucus here, as well as the following M4SPH-endorsed candidates: Michelle Deatrick (18th State Senate District) here, Steve Friday, MSW (US Congress, MI CD 7) here, Shauna McNally, MD (State House District 55) here and Kelly Collison (State House District 68) here. Remember to vote for these M4SPH-endorsed candidates if they are in your district - they will push for Single Payer legislation! (Read more about our rigorous endorsement process in the upcoming August Single Payer Shout Out newsletter.)

Thank you to all the Single Payer advocates who turned out to support Abdul and Alexandria, as they rallied together for progressive change (and for the grassroots movement for Single Payer in Michigan)!! Thank you to all the Single Payer activists who participated! And thank you to Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and M4SPH-endorsed candidates, who will bring the voice of the people to the halls of our legislatures and work to make Single Payer Healthcare a reality!!

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