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Big Win: Rep. Ronnie Peterson (D-Dist. 54) co-sponsors Rep. Rabhi’s MiCare Bill!

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

It’s been a busy week for members of M4SPH in Southeastern Michigan! How has the week (or month) been going in your region?

As editor of the M4SPH Single Payer Shout Out, I’d like to share our collective adventures in the battle for Single Payer to all members of M4SPH through the blog and newsletter. Please send info, photos, or video about your group's efforts and events to The more we document and share our efforts, the greater the possibility of building a stronger community, gathering others to the cause, and increasing our momentum!!

Last weekend members of M4SPH joined members of Lafayette Park Indivisible to meet with Sen. Peters. According to LP Indivisible member Danielle Aubert (who supplied a summary, sent out by Ly Nguyen of Birmingham Indivisible), there were 3 questions taken on the topic of health care. Ms. Aubert wrote that “Sen. Peters spoke about cosponsoring a bill to provide Medicare for people who are 55 and over. He also spoke about the importance of defending the ACA.” Although she had a hard time hearing it, she believes he said something to the effect that “it’s really urgent to protect it because there are people with no insurance, and that is why he can’t focus on Medicare for All, because it is too abstract/not possible to implement.” As of this date, Sen. Peters is not co-sponsoring the national Medicare for All bill introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

On Thursday (7/19) Sarah Rosenthal held a meeting with Rep. Ronnie Peterson in Ypsilanti. The meeting, whose purpose was to ask Rep. Peterson to agree to co-sponsor Rep. Rabhi’s MiCare bill, was attended by 10 people, plus Rep. Peterson and his aide Joe Taylor. In attendance from M4SPH: Erik Krawczak, Eli Rubin, Scott Elliott, Laurie Williams, Al DuBruck, and Sarah Rosenthal. Ms. Rosenthal set up the meeting and delivered “the ask” with a well-delivered short presentation, and every person present spoke to their experiences with our current dysfunctional, profit-driven “health” “care” system. Moving and persuasive accounts - featuring both personal stories and social concerns backed by statistics - filled the hour. Rep. Peterson shared poignant stories from his personal experience (with family and constituents) and acknowledged the intersectionality of the existing issues presented. Then he handed the “mic” to his legislative aide. Mr. Taylor explained the bill likely won’t be formally introduced in the Legislature until Aug. 15th, and followed by telling us that Mr. Peterson had already agreed to co-sponsor shortly after Rep Rahbi released the bill in early July. This was met with a resounding round of applause and expressions of heart-felt gratitude.

Support M4SPH and Wear these Statement T-shirts ($15)!

On Friday (7/20), M4SPH members Eli Ruben, Al DuBruck, and Lauren Sargent arrived on the UM Diag wearing fashionable M4SPH statement t-shirts (see above) designed by M4SPH member Mary MacLeod of Muskegon. Carrying educational materials and clipboards, they canvassed the Ann Arbor Art Fair crowd for two hours.

A few Single Payer Supporters at Dana Nessel Fundraiser on 7/21

On Saturday (7/21), Laurie Williams and Al DuBruck attended the Endless Summer Fundraiser for Dana Nessel for Attorney General in Ecorse. Wearing the eye-catching M4SPH t-shirts, they canvassed the crowd near the shores of the Detroit River. Gathering over a page of names of folks wishing to join with M4SPH, they also spoke with:

  • a Union Steward for US Steel who will take the issue of Single Payer to her Union Boss, and possibly bring a speaker or speakers from our group to speak with them at a meeting.

  • Single-Payer Friend Matt Clayson, Democrat for MSU Trustee (you can vote for him no matter your district)

  • Single-Payer Friend Kimberly Hill Knott, running for CD 13 (Rep. John Conyers District)

  • Single-Payer Friend Cheri Horrigan Happy, running for Oakland County Commissioner District 12

  • Special Thanks to Single Payer Friend Lori Goldman (founder) and other members of Fems for Dems ( for this lovely event held in support of our hoped for next Attorney General Dana Nessel, and for the opportunity to canvass amongst a very receptive crowd!!

M4SPH members Al DuBruck and Matt Clayson (Candidate for MSU Board of Trustees)

Please let us know what you are doing to advance Single Payer in your region of Michigan!

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