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August: An Active Month for M4SPH!

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Tabling/Canvassing at Cobo Hall at Abdul/Bernie Event

August was a big month for the M4SPH movement! In August, we published our Candidate Endorsements - and are happy to say that some of our endorsed candidates won in the primaries. We tabled and canvassed, with members of Detroit and Southwest Michigan DSA, at the Abdul/Bernie rallies at Detroit’s Cobo Hall and in Ypsilanti, and at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention in East Lansing, raising awareness of our mission with thousands of Michiganders.

Canvassing Abdul/Bernie Event in Ypsi in August

We also

• held a Board of Directors meeting, and two Organizing Committee Meetings.

• decided at the first Organizing Committee Meeting on the formation of a team to create a Moth Story Hour about problems with profit-driven health insurance. The Moth is scheduled for October 21st, and will be held in Ferndale, Michigan.

• held a General Meeting in Ann Arbor (see blog post here).

• canvassed at Farmers Markets in Ypsilanti (led by canvasser extraordinaire Sarah Rosenthal, RN) and in Ann Arbor (led by master canvasser Eli Ruben).

• made decisions about canvassing in Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Three Rivers, and about establishing weekly calling parties in Ann Arbor.

• held two calling parties in Ann Arbor.

• gathered members of M4SPH to canvass and table at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention in East Lansing on August 25th.

• held an M4SPH Gathering & Fund Raiser for convention-goers and politicians at Reno’s East Sports Bar (raising about $1000!!!) on the first night of the MDP convention

To read about upcoming events and participate in upcoming activities in September, click here

MDP Convention and Fundraiser Update

We concluded our activism in August in East Lansing, making our presence known at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention. "Thank You!" to all the following volunteers who helped table and canvass: Eli Rubin, Sarah Rosenthal, Stefanie Mezigian, Linda Bradley, Leesha Fagan, Susan Fabrick, Dave Hotz, Amanda Dolinski and Ryan Przeslawski. And thank you to Dr. Vivekand Palavali, who could not attend, but donated the money necessary to buy a table and space at the convention!

At the MDP Convention, we signed up 150 new members, and spoke with supportive politicians and candidates such as Debbie Dingell, Rob Davidson, Haley Stevens, Matt Longjohn, Ronnie Peterson, Garlin Gilchrist, Stephanie Chang, Laurie Pohutsky, Terri McKinnon, and more!

Almost everyone we spoke to (including union members and union leaders) shared their encouragement and support for Single Payer. We gained two members from the Upper Peninsula at the Convention. We also learned from many State Representatives attending the Convention that they have been receiving phone calls about Single Payer and the MI Care Bill, HB 6285. Obviously, a number of M4SPH members have been picking up our phones and motivating our representatives to support the bill!! Thank you, everyone, for doing so! Please keep pressing legislators with this simple action! Amplify this action by asking your friends, families, and neighbors to call!!

Board President Eli Rubin spoke at the meeting of the Progressive Caucus about the importance of universal single payer healthcare. At a fundraiser held on the first night of the convention at Reno's East Sports Bar and Grill, we had 35 attendees, and raised $1000! Special guests included Yousef Rabhi, Laurie Pohutsky and Terri McKinnon. Thanks to everyone who came to the fundraiser to show their support!

Canvassing at MDP Convention

M4SPH Members at MDP Convention in Lansing
Terri McKinnon, Rep. Yousef Rabhi, Laurie Pohutsky. 3 M4SPH-endorsed Candidates at Fundraiser

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